Name: Kabuto KirisakiPsyren_Kabuto.jpg
Origin: Psyren
Gender: Male
Classification: Human/Drifter
Age: Unknown
Powers and Abilities: PSI { PSI is the ability to manipulate the surroundings using the power of the mind by using the brain's full capacity instead if only a part of it, where as your thoughts fuel your power and your brains cells in the brain are at full capacity.} Visions, a form of Rise and Trance.Kabuto's is known as '' Menace''
Incredible eyesight seeing his uncle's cabin in the moutains from the top of a roof in the city. Strong senses, Strong trance
Weaknesses: Comparable with overheating and extreme strain to the brain when going beyond minds limits. Emotions like anger disturbs PSI, When his problems are pushed to others he gets very depressed and guilty, pretty women
Destructive Capacity: None
Speed: Average
Durability: Average
Strength: Average
Standard Equipment: Nothing
Intelligence: Logical
Notable Attacks/Techniques: